Download Our Video and Guidebook Information!

Currently our Lessons Learned guidebook and video are out of print but you can download the information from this website.

The Guidebook can be printed out by printing all the applicable pages from our Lessons Learned sections.

The video can be downloaded for viewing by using this link.  For most browsers, RIGHT-CLICK on the link and choose "Save Link as" to open a download box.  The file is a large .mpg video file you can view after you download it.

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The following form is disabled until we release an updated version of our printed guidebook and video:

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We will provide a copy of our guidebook in a three-ring binder, our nine-minute video, and/or a CD containing all our information to those aviation organizations and airport supporters who can use the materials to help their airport or system of airports. We intend for the video to be shown to groups such as airport commissions, pilot assemblies, aviation management organizations, and other groups looking for ways to promote aviation and their air transportation facilities.

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