Lessons Learned- First Aid Kit For Airports

The Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund is a non-profit foundation whose mission includes promoting aviation and informing the public about its usefulness to society. We produced "Lessons Learned: First Aid Kit for Airports" to help aviation supporters by providing them with a new resource. It shows how those in charge of airports across the country have undertaken initiatives to create support and understanding for their airport's role in the community, how state aeronautics officials have instilled a better sense of the economic benefits of the aviation resources in their state, and how airport supporters have learned how to create support for an airport one neighbor at a time.

"Lessons Learned..." is intended to be more of a "how-it's-been-done" catalog, as opposed to a "how-to-do-it" manual, although you should get many useful ideas from the overviews outlined here and from the lists of projects, initiatives, and resources we cite. The "Lessons Learned..." website and guidebook are designed to be living documents, with updates that include additional information as it becomes available from the front lines of the battle to preserve and improve our aviation infrastructure. The companion video is intended to inspire and encourage airport managers, commissioners, town officials, and other airport supporters to make use of the information. After all, while the news may at times seem grim and our fate seems to be sealed, the reality is that success stories are happening at airports every day.

Those success stories, when shared, might provide just the solution that another airport in crisis needs -- before it's too late. That airport might well be yours.