Examples, listings, sources, parables

These sections and pages provide materials illustrating the ideas and principles which we described in the prior sections. They will also point you to the incredible wealth of resources available from many other organizations and agencies. Read some good stories in selected articles, see some examples of pamphlets and economic studies, study the resources available from state agencies and industry groups, and visit the websites we list. In all of this you are sure to find some programs worth implementing at your airport!

Case Studies:
The Saga of Meigs Field
Eagle Flight Squadron
The Airport Exhibit: Hancock International Airport
New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame
Santa Monica Municipal Airport

Organizations, Agencies & Associations

Resources by State

Web Pages

Death of an Airport
What Fate Meigs

Illinois Airport Directory
Texas Airport Directory
2000 Florida Aeronautical Chart
Tennessee Airport Directory
Guide to Provincetown Airport

Economic Impact Studies:
Economic Impact of Illinois Airports
Economic Impact of Aviation in New York State