Credible Studies on Aviation and it's Impacts

All of us in aviation know that airports are important not only because they provide access to a national and international transportation system but also because they're good for the economy. We know that general aviation provides jobs directly and indirectly. We know that in some areas airports attract business and industry. In fact sometimes they're the only reason business and industry are there.

We know that. But not everyone does and it's important that the information is available from a credible source.

Fortunately, often with FAA help, many state aviation agencies have underwritten scholarly studies that quantify the economic activity at airports, showing the benefits for the local economy to municipal officials and neighbors using accepted economic formulas.

For example, the State of New Jersey conducted an economic study, the results of which were made available in a document called "Economic Impact of New Jersey's Airports." This study, published in 1996, showed unequivocal proof using accepted methodologies that New Jersey's public-use general aviation airports were a major boost to the economy. The results of the study were further touted in a video entitled "Without General Aviation..." and individual pamphlets were designed to promote the economic benefits of each of the 36 airports included in the study.

Other states have also invested in studies that show the true benefit of aviation to communities and regions. To learn whether your state has invested in credibility by commissioning and publishing studies that prove aviation's net worth to a city, region or state, go to the "Studies/research" section of the state listings.

Links to Case Studies:

Qualifying and quantifying the benefits of aviation are a must when it comes to building support for your local airport, if only to answer the question, "what's in it for me?" Go to our Resources Section to see examples of executive summaries of economic studies that show the worth of aviation to the local community.